Typography will never cease to amaze me. Words are like pictures now. Letters are visuals with a story and a design, and shape and colour. Arial, which was once the hippest font around, has been demoted to invoices and mail…maybe even the occasional advert for cheap tupperware. Now the only way to ‘font’ is by creating your own.

Yes, it’s quite a thing! Designing your own font takes time, a little precision and a whole lotta measuring up. Personally i’ve never been one to attempt my own font design but i do make extensive use of the people who do! Dafont.com is my regular stock house of almost every kind of font you want in themes and categories. So i may not be up to designing a whole alphabet from scratch with curls and waves and tweaks but typography i have a slight obsession with. Laying out a bit of type in an adventurous kinda style could change the entire feel of what you’re trying to say. Combining 5 different type faces at a time could take you on a trip to the seaside or the land of vikings, maybe stop to see the circus on the way. It’s trippy all in one go but somehow it embodies beauty you want to try and figure out how exactly it fits together so well. Typography is a beautiful kind of bi-polar on a page.



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