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3D typography

3D typography

3D typography

I love photoshop tutorials and rightnow I aim at mastering 3D typography in photoshop. SWING is something I rendered thanks to a pretty great tutorial

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I made a super quick gif.gif1

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TOMORROWLAND 2012 – the official after movie

This is something that makes you want to save up your hard earned cash just to feel one day in this epicness! It’s the kinda thing that brings tears of joy to your eyes as you sweat it out with the jumping masses of crowd. Some look like they could almost fly…and all to the bounce and rhythm of the legendary music makers banging out beats to stop your heart and send you striaight into the clouds just to send you crashing back down with every beat drop!

This is Tomorrowland and one day you will find me there…

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what do you INK?

Tattoo’s are something of a different kind this decade. i love that people are taking risks in a different way. Sure you still see the trends circulating: birds, fish, cherryblossom, bows, hearts, butterflies….but then you stop and stare when you see something a little rare!

In my gazing ive come to love that people tattoo beautiful sketches of arb objects with deep meaning: cameras, tape cassettes, headphones, paint brushes, books, specs and recently spotted the most beautiful bow art.

Here are some exceptional tattoo photography shots.

lighting and body art = perfect combination of visual appeal


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I came across these random images. It makes me smile.

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Took this photo of some coke bottles. The blur effect was completely unintentional and caught me by surprise, sadly never to happen again…so pleased with this shot though !

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Here’s a spit of ‘poetry’ i composed for our magazine. Feel free to visit and follow the magazine blog-site and like our facebook page which you will find a panel for on the blog!Image

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