Everything about the music video is Zaki…character, personality, sounds, unique quirky manner… Zaki is incredible in so many forms…much like this track


If you don’t know the super stunning crooner Lana Del Rey, best you get acquainted. Her voice is slow and smoky, a perfect soundtrack for those old black and white flickering movies, but with the timeless indie sound she catapults her style of music into the new age with tattooed men who possibly carry a blade and illegal substances. Her character and style is turned on in just about every music video she has thus far.

Not only is she bringing back that old Hollywood sexiness in a way you cant stop staring but her voice alone does bad things to good people, if  i do say so myself. One thing is for sure, if she wasn’t famous for her music, she would be famous for those lips!


‘Sigh’ is actually exactly what i do when listening to Mumford & Sons! Their name may sound like a family toy business (which is exactly what they thought suited them), but their sound is something i personally cannot get enough of. When you see the band members, a group of individually super fine, edgy, wind through the hair group of men, you, at first, do not expect to hear the music that breaks from this ensemble!  I love their easy crooning indie sound that heats up the skin on the coldest day.

Their album Sigh No More is exactly that. Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat Repeat and never get sick of it. ‘White Blank Page’ i would say is my personal love on this album. Do yourself a favour and listen…


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